What Are SEO Services And What Is Included In The SEO Services Provided By Digital Marketing Agencies?

by Kamaljeet Singh    updated on April 09, 2023

what is included in SEO services

SEO has become an indispensable factor for almost every business in today’s highly competitive market. A significant percentage of companies invest in SEO services to enhance their visibility in search engine results, such as Google and Bing.

Having a comprehensive understanding of SEO services and what they include is crucial for businesses in today’s competitive market.

What are SEO Services?

An Digital Marketing Company provides SEO services to assist your website in achieving high organic rankings on search engines. To boost their online visibility, businesses often turn to SEO service providers who specialize in optimizing websites.

What are SEO Services?

These SEO services include a range of techniques aimed at improving a website’s ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs).

By targeting relevant keywords, SEO can help your website rank higher in search results when users search for related phrases. This means that when users search for phrases related to your business, your website will appear at the top of the search results. This increased visibility can drive more traffic to your site and ultimately result in more leads and conversions.

The strategies of digital marketing encompass various sub-strategies, among which is the creation of bespoke content that incorporates targeted keywords related to your business.

Technical optimization of website is also essential, including optimizing your site’s code, improving page speed, and ensuring mobile responsiveness. 

Improving your website’s design and navigation can create a positive user experience, and getting backlinks from other reputable sites can also be beneficial.

The process of SEO can be deconstructed into six primary steps, which are commonly known as the R.O.C.K.E.T. search engine optimization process.

search engine optimization process


The SEO process commences with research, which is a crucial and fundamental aspect. A crucial step to kick-starting SEO is performing a thorough analysis of your website and those of your competitors.

Conducting the research helps identify areas where your website may be lacking and where further optimization and link-building are needed. At SM Digital Solution, we place top priority on the research phase and have dedicated SEO experts working on it.

Analyzing your website and your competitor’s websites is crucial to develop a tailored SEO strategy that fits your unique goals and requirements.

Researching your competitors enables you to understand your position relative to theirs and identify areas for improvement. In business, it’s not enough to simply do your work and wait for results; you must proactively seek out opportunities for growth and stay vigilant of your competition.

Collecting data on your competitors can provide valuable insights that you can use to inform your own strategy and stay ahead of the curve.


The optimization phase entails implementing a series of edits to your website with the objective of enhancing its ranking in the search engine results pages (SERPs).

Optimization is achieved by identifying relevant keywords and understanding the search intent of users who are looking for products or services like yours.

Through the optimization of your website, you can enhance its position in search results and raise the probability of drawing in relevant traffic.


Creating high-quality content that connects with your users is crucial for successful SEO. It is crucial to furnish answers to all inquiries regarding your business, products, and services. How to create quality content: Visit Here

High-quality content can help attract and retain visitors to your website, as it provides relevant and useful information that can help build trust and credibility with your audience.

When your website’s content provides value to users, it is more likely to increase their engagement, reduce bounce rates, and improve your overall SEO performance.

At SM Digital Solution, our content marketing services specialize in writing & producing SEO-optimized content for targeted keywords, based on the unique requirements of our clients.

At SM Digital Solution, we understand the importance of logical organization and easy navigation for both SEO and user experience purposes. We ensure that your content is structured in a logical and easy-to-navigate format, with clear categories and subcategories that make it simple for your visitors to find what they’re looking for. 

After creating and optimizing your content, we focus on promoting it to increase its visibility and reach. In addition, we focus on establishing backlinks to your content from reputable, high-quality websites. Backlinks are a crucial component of SEO, as they signal to search engines that your content is authoritative and valuable.


Targeting highly relevant keywords is essential for SEO success, as they are the words and phrases that users search for to find answers related to your business. Choosing the right keywords is crucial for improving your website’s search engine ranking and increasing traffic.

Keywords and phrases are crucial elements that help in the discoverability of a website through search engines.

At SM Digital Solution, we perform comprehensive research on your competitors’ keywords and identify ranking opportunities for your target keywords related to your business.

We analyze the search volume, competition level, and relevance of each keyword to assist you in selecting the most appropriate ones to target and optimize your website accordingly. 

Our ultimate objective is to assist your website in achieving the top position in search engine results for your target keywords, resulting in increased traffic and leads for your business.

Once the appropriate keywords are selected, it is essential to incorporate them into your content to drive valuable traffic to your website.

Understanding how people search for products or services related to your business is crucial for improving your visibility on search engines.

By identifying the frequently used search terms, phrases, and questions that users utilize when searching for products or services similar to yours, you can optimize your website’s content and structure to more effectively match their search intent. 

Using the appropriate keywords will assist in boosting your website’s ranking above your competitors, making the creation of a keyword list an essential step in search engine optimization.

Earned Media and Links

An earned media strategy is an important aspect of effective promotion that involves leveraging a network of bloggers and industry influencers to promote your website.

Earned media refers to any form of publicity or exposure that your business receives without paying for it, making it a highly cost-effective approach to promoting your website. However, it is not a quick fix and requires a well-planned strategy that involves building relationships with industry bloggers, journalists, and other influencers to create awareness.

Once you have established who you are and the value you can offer to their readers or followers, these influencers may share your content with their audience.


The final step in website optimization is testing the website and generating custom reports to achieve optimal results. This process entails assessing the effectiveness of your website and improving the pages to achieve more favorable results.

Testing involves analyzing the website’s performance to identify what is effective and what needs improvement.

In essence, testing is a form of self-assessment that enables you to make necessary changes to improve your website.

Types Of SEO Services

It is important to recognize that there are various types of SEO services available, and they cannot all be measured using the same criteria. Each SEO service is unique and may require a different approach for assessment and evaluation.

Sure, let’s discuss the types of SEO services.

The four primary categories of search engine optimization (SEO) services are:

  • On-page SEO 
  • Off-page SEO 
  • Technical SEO
  • Local SEO

What is in SEO services?

Each SEO company provides a unique set of services, so it’s important to select a service provider that offers a comprehensive SEO package

Although different agencies may offer varying services in addition to SEO, there are certain services that are typically included with SEO services.

When making a comparison between SEO agencies, it is critical to consider the subsequent services:

SEO Audit

An SEO audit is a process that evaluates the performance of a webpage. It is a powerful way to analyze the outcomes of a webpage and pinpoint areas that need improvement.

How to perform SEO audit

An SEO audit is conducted to evaluate the factors that impact a website’s organic search rankings.

  1. On-page SEO issues
  2. Technical SEO issues
  3. Content gap and opportunities
  4. Website structure issues
  5. User experience issues
  6. Potential off-site problems
  7. Competitive marketplace insights

An SEO audit should encompass all the elements that could influence a website’s prominence in search engine results.

SEO Competitive Analysis

Conducting an SEO competitor analysis can be a potent strategy for improving search engine rankings and driving website traffic.

Analyzing your competitors can provide you with the following benefits:

  1. Your actual SEO competitors
  2. Keywords you should target
  3. Topics you should cover and focus on in your articles
  4. Here are the strategies you should adopt to outperform your competitors:

SEO competitor analysis involves researching competitors’ links, keywords, content, and other relevant factors. Instead of wasting time searching for target keywords, analyzing the ones that competitors are successfully using can be more efficient and effective.

Imagine owning a bakery shop with a competitor in the area. Despite offering high-quality baked goods, the competitor attracts more customers because they also sell party items. By expanding your offerings to include party items, you can better compete and potentially increase business.

Custom Strategy

An SEO strategy involves devising, outlining, and executing methods to enhance search engine rankings and increase website traffic. It can be viewed as a structured method to attract more visitors to your website.

The SEO process comprises the implementation of various strategies, including:

  1. Make a list of topics
  2. Compress all media files before uploading them to your website
  3. Create a list of long-tail keywords related to the topic
  4. Develop a webpage for each topic
  5. Measure and track the success of your content
  6. Set up a blog
  7. Publish a blog post every week to establish page authority
  8. Formulate a link-building strategy

Monthly Performance Report

A monthly performance report is a comprehensive set of data that showcases the overall performance of a website in search engines. This report mainly focuses on organic traffic, ranking, and other essential domain metrics.

It gives clients an understanding of their website’s progress and the efforts that the agency has undertaken on their behalf. The report helps clients keep track of the progress and evaluate the effectiveness of their investment in SEO services.

A monthly SEO report should include three essential elements – insights, progress, and recommendations.

What should be included in a monthly report?

  1. Report summary
  2. SEO overview
  3. Channel-wise traffic overview
  4. Click-through rate
  5. Keyword ranking
  6. Ranking history
  7. Backlink profile

Online Reputation Optimization

Reputation management involves managing the public perception of an individual or a group. In today’s digital age, people rely on various sources such as star rankings, customer feedback, social media posts, and blogs to make informed decisions about products and services. SEO agencies offer reputation management services to help counter negative feedback and promote positive experiences. This offers businesses a chance to enhance their brand image and entice a larger customer base.

Importance Of Technical SEO

Technical optimization is the practice of enhancing a website’s technical aspects to boost its search engine rankings.

Importance Of Technical SEO

Technical optimization mainly focuses on making websites faster and easier to crawl, as well as improving their overall understandability for search engines.

Technical optimization plays a vital role in SEO as it guarantees that search engines can effectively crawl and index your website, ultimately resulting in improved search engine rankings.

Technical optimization aims to improve the user experience on a website by optimizing technical SEO factors, which in turn helps to improve the website’s ranking on search engines.

A website that is slow, unresponsive, or hard to navigate may discourage users from visiting it and have a negative impact on your search engine rankings.

To optimize the technical SEO of your site, you need to focus on ensuring a fast-loading website, making it secure, and eliminating dead links. 

By creating a strong technical foundation for your website, you can enhance the user experience and satisfy search engines, leading to higher rankings.

Mobile Optimization

In today’s mobile-first world, providing a seamless browsing experience on smartphones is crucial. Search engines, like Google, prioritize websites that offer a great mobile experience.

Having an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate on your website is one crucial element in ensuring a secure browsing experience. SSL certificates offer additional security to your website’s visitors by safeguarding data, verifying identities, and enhancing customers’ trust.

Having an SSL certificate not only improves your SEO ranking but also adds an extra layer of security to your website, which is essential in today’s digital landscape where online security threats are becoming more prevalent.

Sitemap Submission

Submitting your website’s sitemap to search engines is a critical step in SEO. Sitemaps enable search engines to locate and index your website’s pages more effectively, leading to improved visibility and rankings.

WordPress users can create a sitemap easily using a plugin as their content management system. Search engines, like Google, prioritize websites that offer a great mobile experience.

Submitting your sitemap to search engines will streamline the crawling and indexing process, resulting in improved search engine visibility and higher rankings.

Importance Of On-Page Optimization

On-Page Optimization refers to a set of activities that can be performed on a website to enhance its ranking in search engine results.

Importance Of On-Page Optimization

Regular analysis and monitoring of website performance is an essential part of SEO, with On-Page Optimization being a critical aspect of this process. 

While there are no hard and fast rules for on-page optimization, implementing the following steps can help improve the on-page aspects of websites.

Structure Your Content

The use of paragraphs or bullet point lists, heading tags, and bolding or italicizing specific text elements or words can enhance the structure and readability of content.

Use Graphics

Optimizing images can be crucial for creating engaging content. Including an attractive image gallery can boost the duration of user visits to a website. Furthermore, optimizing the file names of images is a crucial element of image optimization.

Embedding Videos

The audiovisual content provided on a webpage is often highly viewed by users and should be given special attention.

Meta Tags

Meta titles and descriptions are vital page elements that have a significant impact on website ranking and Click-Through Rate (CTR) in search engines. 

As important elements of On-Page Optimization, meta titles, and descriptions make sure that the keywords and topics addressed in the content are pertinent to those utilized in the meta tags

Internal Links

Internal linking is a useful strategy to optimize website navigation for users and guide search engine bots during their visit to your domain.

Maintaining a logical structure on a website entails limiting the hierarchy to no more than four levels. Having a greater number of levels can slow down the search engine bot’s crawling process. The fewer the levels, the faster the bot can access and crawl all website subpages.


To avoid duplicate content, utilizing canonical tags correctly and assigning pages with a Noindex attribute are effective methods.

URL Structure

Ensuring the use of search engine-friendly URLs and logical coherence between existing URLs are an important aspect of on-page optimization.


Web design is greatly influenced by usability, which is a critical factor.To enhance the functionality of web pages, complex graphics are often replaced with simpler alternatives.

File Sizes

Using oversized images or graphics can significantly increase the file size, leading to longer loading times for web pages. Therefore, it is essential for both SEO and graphic designers to focus on optimizing file size to minimize loading times.

A call-to-action (CTA) is a vital component of advertising that informs the audience about the action they should take after clicking on an ad or website link. The more detailed and informative the CTA, the greater the likelihood of the audience connecting with your brand or message.

Call To Action

Providing a clear and direct message in your ad can inform your audience of what to expect when they click on it and help prevent incorrect users from clicking. Additionally, web pages should include specific elements that facilitate user interaction and improve the user experience.

OFF-Page Optimization

Off-page optimization involves strategies and techniques that are executed externally to a website with the objective of improving its position in search engine rankings.

OFF-Page Optimization

Off-page optimization consists of all the essential SEO factors required to achieve high rankings in search engines, including backlinks, which are a vital component of any successful digital marketing strategy.

Off-page SEO is significant since it indicates to search engines that your website is deemed valuable and of high quality by other sites on the internet.

Every backlink is a validation from a different source that indicates your website is of excellent quality. There are three primary types of links that should be taken into account.

3 Types of Links

Natural Links

These links are known as natural links, which come to your website organically without any effort from your end. The person creating the content decided to link to your material either because they are familiar with your brand or found your content via a search and deemed it valuable for their readers.

Outreach-Based Links

The second type of links, outreach links, are earned through active efforts by your team. This involves the practice of reaching out to webmasters, publishers, or journalists and persuading them to link back to your website. 

Despite your active efforts to build these links, it is still important to create valuable and relevant content for users.

Self-Created Links

These links are known as self-created links or directory links and are acquired through self-submission on directories, forums, social bookmarking sites, or press releases. 

These links are called internal links, created within your website’s content to connect different pages.

Factors that influence the value of links for off-page SEO:

  1. The wording used for the hyperlink leading back to your website,
  2. The age or freshness of the link pointing to your site,
  3. The number of links present on the linking page.
  4. The pertinence of the linking website to your content.
  5. The reliability of the linking website.
  6. The power of the linking website and the individual linking page.

Local SEO

Local SEO focuses on improving your website and online presence to achieve higher rankings in local search results, with the aim of reaching customers in a particular geographic area or region.

small business local SEO

People use different search engines such as Google, Bing, Yelp, and others to find local businesses, with Google having almost 87% of the market share.

This indicates that Google is the most commonly utilized search engine for finding local businesses. For small businesses operating in a particular region, local SEO is incredibly crucial.

To ensure successful local SEO, there are several steps you can take, including:

  • Setting up a Google My Business account
  • Encouraging happy customers to leave reviews regularly
  • Optimizing for voice search
  • Creating content that is centered around local news, narratives, or happenings.
  • Optimizing your website for mobile devices
  • Targeting local keywords in your content
  • Using location pages or creating a location-specific “About Us” page can help your business appear in local search results.

Furthermore, you can also add information such as your store’s operating hours, business name, physical address, phone number, customer testimonials, promotions, and other relevant details to enhance your local SEO efforts.

Voice Search SEO

In the search industry, voice search has become one of the most significant and widely-used features that cannot be disregarded.

voice search optimization

The concept of voice search, originally introduced on smartphones, has now extended to smart speakers and voice assistants across the globe. It is a pivotal aspect of the voice search revolution and is popular among people of all ages.

How to Choose SEO Agency?

As a business owner, selecting the right digital marketing and SEO agency can be challenging. However, there are a few key points to consider. 

Referrals and established relationships, as well as word-of-mouth recommendations from previous clients, are essential factors to consider when choosing an SEO agency

Additionally, it is important to familiarize yourself with the company’s SEO knowledge and working processes to ensure they have skilled staff with sufficient experience to handle your project. 

You may also refer to various listing websites that evaluate SEO agencies based on customer reviews and their overall performance over time.


Great! I’m glad that I could be of help. If you have any more questions or if there’s anything else I can assist you with, please feel free to ask. Understanding the components and nature of SEO services will help you make an informed decision when selecting an agency that best fits your requirements. Given the intense competitiveness of the online space, it can be difficult for unseasoned clients to distinguish between professionals and amateurs.


  1. Does A Website Need SEO Service?

Yes, SEO as a service is essential for a website as they help to send clear signals to search engines, resulting in higher rankings in Google SERPs. 

  1. What Do SEO Services Do?

The term ‘SEO’ stands for ‘Search Engine Optimization’ and its primary goal is to enhance a website’s visibility and boost its organic search traffic.

  1. What Are Different SEO Services?

There are various types of SEO as a services that can be employed to enhance a website’s online visibility, which includes:

  • On-page SEO 
  • Technical SEO 
  • Off-Page SEO
  • Local SEO
  • Organic SEO 
  • Voice SEO
  1. What Does SEO Include?

SEO techniques encompass a range of strategies such as conducting keyword research, devising content strategy, performing website audits, creating high-quality content, analyzing competitors, and more.


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