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SEO Company in

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We always think that SEO is the game of keywords & backlinks but It’s not True. SEO is about search intent fulfillment and genuine content that generates more organic traffic. That is why our digital agency focuses on the genuine practices of SEO rather than only keywords or backlinks creation.

SEO Company in Delhi NCR
Search Engine Optimization

What is Search Engine Optimization

SEO is an art performed by SEO expert artists to give you organic traffic to your site. Our SEO specialists perform this art to provide you with a higher ranking. There is full science behind the SEO to do in the right way we have a good understanding of SEO science. We exactly know what we have to do to rank websites top on required keywords in Google. We are the best SEO company of Delhi, NCR can provide you with help to achieve a better rank.

Best SEO Agency in Delhi, NCR

Why We Are The Best SEO Agency in Delhi, NCR?

SM Digital Solution has years of experience in the business field, we do not only work only to make ourselves profitable but we also do our best to make our clients profitable. Our primary focused goal is to find the latest SEO trends & strategies or you to make a proper statement on all industry’s best efforts & practices based on our performance. SM Digital Solution team of SEO experts follows an in-house working style of SEO. we follow all of the above things then that is the reason why we are the best SEO agency in Delhi.

Best SEO Agency in Delhi, NCR

Activities Carried out by our SEO Agency

Your Website Organic Traffic We Can Increase With Our SEO Activities

Keyword Research

Keyword Research

The first thing that comes to mind when we think about SEO is the keyword because the keyword is the thing which you want to rank on so SEO is based on Keyword Research, and our keyword research specialist SEO agency is good at it. Our agency team finds the best keywords for your business or website to get ranked for. We also focus & work on finding keyword difficulty to confirm we find keywords with low difficulty that will be easy to rank on. As the best SEO company of Delhi, NCR, we work our best on keyword research. With keyword research techniques, we search & use that keyword will give you relevant traffic, after getting relevant traffic you can convert them into your customer. We keep an eye on the SERP of your keywords to confirm whether keywords are performing well or not. And we also work on long-tail keywords to provide more specific traffic.

Keyword Research

Keyword Difficulty

Long Tail Keywords

Keywords Monitoring On SERP

Keyword Research
On-Page SEO
Webpage Optimization

On-Page SEO

We do SEO for your web pages. We fully determine all the content, headings, meta tags,  images Alt Tags, etc. to confirm your On-Page SEO is done. As an SEO Marketing Agency, we do advanced On-Page SEO activities on your site, like Structured Data Markup for both Google & others like Facebook. We will give you results on your website that will have a proper On-Page SEO. this is the answer to why you should consider us as one of the top SEO companies in Delhi.

 Meta Tags                   On-Page SEO of Content

 Structured Data        Interlinking of Pages

Off Page SEO
Link Building

Off-Page SEO

Some of the SEO agencies of Delhi make mistakes in Off Page SEO practices, which is not good for websites. But we do not like others. We are having very good knowledge in Off Page SEO. When you will work with our SEO Agency you will know that we are one of the top best-ranking SEO agencies of Delhi. It’s sure working with our agency will be a game changer for your business. 

 Article Submission                    Link Building

 Competitor Link Building         Broken Link Building

Off Page SEO
Mobile SEO
Mobile Friendly

Mobile SEO

What is mobile SEO? The meaning of Mobile SEO is to optimize a website’s content for mobile searches. Based on the Mobile-Friendly Update of Google in 2015, this update, Google clearly indicates that your website will only get a better ranking if your website content will be properly optimized as per mobile SEO Guidance. No of searches on mobile searches is increasing day by day. We work on your mobile SEO to boost the visibility of your site. A mobile-friendly & responsive website helps users to get a seamless experience & to become customers of the general users.

 Mobile UX Optimization        

 Mobile-Friendly Marketing

 Technical SEO Of Mobile       

 Voice Search Optimization

Semantic SEO
Make Authority

Semantic SEO

Semantic-type SEO is also an SEO that links the user to multiple queries relevant to one topic. We find semantic relevance while searching for keywords for clients, create all of the topics, & optimize SEO, create the maximum possible opportunities for making internal links, and establish the website’s topical depth. This will help you to in boosting the organic traffics &ranking of the site on several queries of user and build expertise in their industry. We are a digital marketing agency in Delhi having an experience of more than 4 years of helping clients through our semantic SEO strategies.

 Keyword & Topic Clusters

 Content Creation & Optimization

 Establishing Topical depth on search engines

Semantic SEO
International SEO
Go Global

International SEO

We know you want to grow your brand & business on the international level and target audiences of all geographical areas & diverse locations, for this you need an international SEO for your website. We are using international SEO techniques for many years & international SEO is very helpful to scale business organically at the international level. We provide a very clever approach to our client website by researching business resources, & their competition, and customers.


 Google Business profile Optimization 

 Country-Specific Search Engine Functionality

 Keyword Research International 

 Language tags

 Dynamic serving of pages

Enterprise SEO
Expand Your Business

Enterprise SEO

The important way of SEO for enterprise websites is that have thousands of web pages. We have a good understanding of the effort to handle an enterprise site whose revenue and reputation depend on it, like competitive keyword targeting, scaling content without duplicating, errors finding, and managing the website through enterprise tools. If Enterprise SEO is done correctly, then it delivers results at scale too.

 Automation                   Dedicated Account Manager           

 Content Marketing      Competitor analysis & competitive insights

Enterprise SEO
WordPress SEO
Site SEO

WordPress SEO

If you want a website for your enterprise WordPress is the best option for you, then we are able to use WordPress. We always provide assurance to our clients that we’ll make your website perfect for your business and further SEO activities. WordPress is SEO friendly, and with the right customization, your website becomes search engine friendly too.


 Google Search Console Linking

 Google Analytics Linking

 WordPress Website Optimization

 Website Security & SSL Certificate

 Proper Site Structure

Local SEO
Make Your Business Visible On Local Searches

Local SEO

The main purpose of local SEO is to establish your customer base in a specific location to help the businesses complete its main goal, like sales of your store, visibility of the business, etc. Local By investing in SEO, your company can get a competitive edge over not engaged in online marketing efforts, particularly through local SEO. At our agency, we do local SEO and ensure that all aspects are well-managed, including appearing in the local pack and generating leads via Google My Business (GMB).

✓ Citations

✓ Online Reputation Management

 On-Page & Off-Page Optimization

 Google My Business Optimization

Local SEO

How do we work SEO Activities on Your Website?

Keyword Research

Keyword research plays an integral role in SEO, as it’s important to know precisely which keywords to optimize for before commencing website optimization for search engines. By ranking for these keywords, your website gets organic traffic from searches that match your target audience. Our agency ensures that every visitor on your website is a potential customer who can be a customer. To achieve this, we focus on targeting highly relevant keywords and assign specific keywords to different sections of the website. For example, as a top SEO company of Delhi, we concentrate on primary keywords for the homepage, niche keywords for category pages, and long-tail keywords for individual product pages. This approach ensures that each page’s keywords are highly optimized and do not compete with each other.

Keyword Difficulty Analysis

Most of SEO agencies In  Delhi just work on finding the keywords. But, keyword difficulty analysis is a very necessary aspect of keyword research. We do keyword difficulty research for every keyword to determine how we can rank on a particular keyword. Is it easy or difficult to rank on a keyword? When we collect this information, then we can easily understand which keywords will take how much time to rank. Based on this data, we will be able to create a plan for our SEO practices in a manner that we can start providing organic traffic on your site. At the outset, we focus on targeting easy-to-rank keywords, followed by more keywords to get sustainable organic traffic. By doing this approach, our SEO agency of Delhi confirms that your website can get search engine rankings.

Keyword Mapping

Once all relevant keywords for your website have been identified, the next our next step is to assign each keyword to its secondary page. Rather than attempting to rank your homepage for every keyword, we locate the relevant pages on your website for each keyword and carry out SEO activities accordingly. For instance, if someone is searching for information on how your products work, we optimize your FAQ page to provide them with the answers they need. Our SEO agency of Delhi ensures that every important page on your website is optimized for relevant keywords, resulting in increased search engine visibility and improved user experience. With our expertise, you can trust us to identify the best keywords for each crucial page on your website.

On-Page SEO

Many times clients come to us for SEO services requirements, but they tell us that the On-Page SEO of our site is already completed, and no need of optimization is needed in that. As your SEO Agency in Delhi, we still check their current status of On-Page SEO and find that maximum times it has not been done perfectly.

Sometimes Meta Tags have not been properly set up, or Meta Tags are missing content on the page, or sometimes Headings like H1, H2, etc. are wrong and missing, or sometimes two or three H1 headings are created on a page that is not right. As well knowledgeable SEO partners in Delhi, we exactly understand what we should do for On-Page SEO, and how to fix it. On-Page SEO plays a very important role in SEO, your effort is to fail if your On-Page SEO is done properly as per google’s understanding. Search engine content is king always.

So, we carefully create and improve the content of your web pages to provide that it is not user friendly, and SEO-friendly as well. We optimize the website content meticulously to drive organic search traffic. Our content optimization process is based on the keyword research and mapping we conduct for each page of the website. After working on-page content, we start work on other important factors of the page, like alt tags of images, headings &, etc. Finally, we optimize the web pages’ Meta Tags of the website, 

Additionally, we continuously monitor and enhance optimization to understand what works best and what can be improved. Sometimes, your products and services may be associated with seasonality, such as increased demand during festivals. In such scenarios, we adapt the page content to address search queries that users are likely to make during that period, optimizing it for relevant events.

Off-Page SEO

After completing the On-Page SEO, we focus on Off-Page SEO which includes all the SEO activities that are done outside of your main website pages. Although link building is a crucial part of Off Page SEO, there are other important aspects to consider as well. As a leading SEO Company of Delhi, we develop a comprehensive link-building strategy that identifies the pages that need links, the appropriate keywords to use in the link text, and the websites from which to obtain links.

Once we have formulated the strategy, we start implementing it. We create high-quality content that can be posted on external sites to generate backlinks. This involves submission of the articles on article submission sites and blogs. Additionally, we publish our content on external publishing sources such as,, and to acquire Do Follow Links.

We create forum profiles to get links and reach out to customers who are searching for your products and services. Lastly, we closely monitor Q&A sites such as Quora and Yahoo Answers to find questions relevant to your products and services and then provide answers. This will get long-term traffic from all these sites.

Technical SEO

Many SEO companies of Delhi overlook the importance of Technical SEO and solely focus on On Page and Off Page SEO. However, Technical SEO is just as critical, if not more so, in today’s digital landscape. It confirms that your website is optimized by technical aspects to meet search engine guidelines. This involves having a well-structured Sitemap that is submitted to Google Search Console, adding your RSS feed to Google Search Console, implementing Google Structured Data Markup and Facebook Open Graph Tags, having a proper Robots.txt file, and much more. As a leading SEO company of Delhi, we optimized all points of Technical SEO. We meticulously analyze and rectify any Technical SEO issues that could have a detrimental impact on your website’s search engine rankings. Moreover, we put cutting-edge Technical SEO strategies to confirm that your website stays on top of the competition. You can trust us to handle your website’s rankings.

Search Engine Result Page

Regularly tracking the performance of keywords during SEO is very important. Manual monitoring is a common approach, but our SEO Company employs sophisticated tools to monitor keyword positions daily and promptly alerts us of any fluctuations. If a keyword drops in position, we take immediate action to restore it. This constant monitoring ensures that we stay on top of your keywords’ performance and continuously work towards improving their rankings. As a reputable SEO Company of NCR region, you can trust that we are fully aware of your keywords’ progress and are always working to move them higher up in search engine rankings.

Keep Eyes On Competitor Link Building

During SEO, monitoring your competitors’ activities is crucial. We conduct regular competitor analysis and backlink monitoring to identify the sources of their backlinks. This will help to find backlink targets for your website and improve its ranking. We also keep an eye on the keywords for which your competitors are ranking, and then develop strategies to outrank them. As a leading SEO company of India, we are well-versed in the techniques and tools required to monitor your competitors’ activities and gain a competitive edge. We stay ahead of the competition and help your website achieve higher search engine rankings.

Link Building Techniques

We employ a range of innovative link-building techniques that set us apart from traditional SEO companies that focus on outdated methods like article submission. Our cutting-edge techniques include Broken Link Building, which involves identifying websites with broken links on their resource pages and encouraging them to replace those links with a link to your website. This technique secures high-quality backlinks from otherwise difficult-to-link websites, boosting your website’s authority and visibility. As a leading SEO Company of Delhi, we leverage other creative link-building strategies to secure powerful backlinks that drive traffic and improve your search engine rankings.


While building links for your website, many SEO companies in Delhi focus on getting links from external websites. However, many people overlook a crucial resource for obtaining backlinks: their own website. Obtaining links from the internal pages of your website to your homepage is crucial. If you have a blog, it can offer even more opportunities to link to both your homepage and internal pages. Thus, interlinking is a vital aspect of link building, which our top-tier SEO Company handles with ease. In fact, when we add content to a page, we always make sure to interlink it with other pages of your website.

Local SEO

If you offer products or services specific to a particular location, or multiple locations, then Local SEO should be a top priority for your website. Local SEO also helps your website rank higher in search queries related to locations, such as “digital marketing services near me” or “SEO agency in Delhi”. At our top-rated SEO company of Delhi, we ensure that all of your business locations are properly optimized for Local SEO so that Google can display relevant results based on the user’s search location. Effective Local SEO can give you a competitive edge and significantly improve your visibility in local search results. As experts in local SEO of Delhi, we have the knowledge and skills to optimize your website for maximum visibility in local search results.

Frequently Asked Questions About SEO Company

How long does for SEO to work?

The effectiveness of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for a business relies on the level of competition in the industry and the consistency of ongoing SEO efforts. Typically, it takes around four to six months to witness the impact of SEO efforts. The success of our ongoing SEO efforts can only be gauged based on how well they contribute to achieving the business’s ultimate goal.

What are the top benefits of SEO for your business?

Optimizing your website for search engines through SEO services can offer several benefits to your business. Some of the significant advantages include:

  1. Boosts brand visibility
  2. Establishes authority online
  3. Generates qualified leads 
  4. Lowest customer acquisition cost
What should you check while hiring an SEO company?

Before selecting an SEO company, it is important to understand their expertise through factors such as their past work, client feedback, pricing, and transparency. However, one of the most crucial factors to consider is the SEO efforts they have implemented on their own website. This can provide valuable insight into their proficiency and ability to deliver effective results.

How can I improve the SEO strategy of my business?

There are two options to consider: you can either take on the task of SEO yourself and apply your knowledge, or you can entrust an SEO company to develop a business strategy while you concentrate on the essential aspects of your business. If you lack SEO expertise and attempt to handle everything yourself, you could potentially harm your website’s performance. Therefore, it is strongly advised that you engage an agency with a team of experienced SEO professionals who can demonstrate their proficiency.

What SEO Companies Do?

The primary function of an SEO company is to comprehend the nature of the business and develop strategies that enhance the website’s ranking on major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, and others. These strategies are intended to make the website visible to potential customers who are searching for the services offered by the business. The SEO company’s tactics are centered around the search queries that individuals utilize to locate the business, with the ultimate goal of providing an optimal user experience.

What is the cost of SEO service?

The quality and pricing of SEO services are influenced by the location of the agency or company and the standard of service they offer. Since GDP per capita differs from one country to another, the fees for SEO services also vary correspondingly.

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